Image editor DDK Belgium
De Donkere Kamer (Belgium Edition), an evening with short interviews, presentations and discussions about photography. For DDK Belgium I am composing the image presentation for the evening.

During the first edition of Unseen Photo Fair in Amsterdam in 2012, I assisted in building up the the exhibition Fashion! Photographs from the Camera Work Collection. Among others I prepared condition reports for the works on display and did some small production work for the fair as well.

Intern / Assistant Anouk Kruithof
During my study Documentary Photography at the Utrecht School of The Arts, I did an internship from April untill August 2010 with Anouk Kruithof in Berlin. She is not a classic photographer but uses the medium of photography to shape her ideas. She creates spatial installations, videos, photomontages, posters and produced several artists books.
After this intership I’m occasionally assisting Anouk with building up exhibitions a.o. B&N Gallery London, Le Petit Endroit Paris, CODA Apeldoorn, Museum for contemporary art and regional history.